'TV Nation' Producers' and Correspondents' Biographies


Michael Moore

Was Executive Producer of the Emmy award winning series,TV NATION. He is author of the books DOWNSIZE THIS! and ADVENTURES IN A TV NATION, which he co-wrote with his wife, TV NATION producer Kathleen Glynn. In 1989, he wrote, produced and directed the documentary ROGER & ME, the highest grossing documentary of all time.

Kathleen Glynn

Designed and contributed to The Flint Voice. In Washington, DC, her clients included Ralph Nader, for whom she designed books and publications; The World Wildlife Fund; and the Center for Science in the Public Interest. From her discovery of the now infamous "Bunny Lady" to designing the film's logo, titles, and one-sheet, Kathleen was part of the core team of Flint natives that guided "Roger & Me" through to completion. She then coordinated and participated in a worldwide promotional tour of the film.As a costume designer for film and television, her work was featured in the Washington Postand she designed costumes for the films "Malcolm X," "My New Gun," and "Canadian Bacon." Ms. Glynn was also the co-producer of "Canadian Bacon." Ms. Glynn was the producer of "The Big One," and is the author, along with Michael Moore, of "Adventures in a TV Nation".

Joanne Doroshow

Is one of the producers of THE PANAMA DECEPTION, which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1992. She is also an attorney and has worked on numerous nuclear power issues and cases, including the Karen Silkwood Supreme Court case. She was lead counsel, fundraiser and organizer for Three Mile Island Alert, a community group that worked to block the restart of Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Reactor in Harrisburg, PA in the early 1980's.

Louis Theroux

Graduated from Oxford University in 1991 and pursued a career in print journalism cutting his teeth as a satirist at Spy Magazine. He has contributed articles to Vibe, The Modern Review, and The Idler.

Merrill Markoe

Won three Emmy Awards as producer/writer on "The David Letterman Show." She also won a Writers Guild Award as a performer/writer on the television series "Not Necessarily the News." She has been a correspondent on several television programs including "Lifetime Magazine." She has appeared on "The Arsenio Hall Show," "The Tonight Show" and "The Dennis Miller Show."

Jonathan Katz

Was a featured player in the films, "Things Change," "Lip Service," "Homicide," and "House of Games." He was the creator and star on the animated series "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" on Comedy Central. He has performed his stand-up comedy routine on "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night with David Letterman."

Roy Sekoff

Wrote, produced and directed "The Clippies" which appeared on "E" television and was nominated for a Cable ACE Award. He was the founding editor for "LaffTrack," a humor magazine published in Los Angeles. He has published articles in the London Times, Village Voice, Mirabella and Elle Magazines.

Ben Hamper

Is the author of the book, "Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line". He has written various articles for publication in the Flint Voice, Michigan Voice, Harper's,Mother Jones, Detroit Free Press, and LA Weekly. Ben has appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman," "The Today Show," "CBS This Morning" and "Sonya Live."

David Royle

A two-time Emmy Nominee, has won most of Americašs top broadcasting awards including the Du-pont Columbia University Gold Baton, and two Blue Ribbons from the American Film and Video Festival. He has produced two primetime television series for the Arts and Entertainment channel called "The Eagle and the Bear" and "Mafia." He directed "Gorbachev's USSR" The Washington Post said was "documentary television at its very best."

Pamela Yates

Known for her work in Latin America, produced and directed the first film profiling Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu -- "When the Mountains Tremble." She directed, and went on to produce, "Witness to War" which won an Academy Award in the documentary category in 1986. Her American films include: "Resurgence," "Takeover," from the series "Heroes of the New American Depression" which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on the PBS series "P.O.V."

Paco de Onis

Is the founder and producer of the annual Caribbean Music Festival of Cartagena, Colombia, the largest PanCaribbean Festival in the world. He was the line producer and music consultant for "Colors TV", a pilot for a United Colors of Benetton television show about street musicians around the world. He is the manager of various caribbean artists, including Burning Flames, Spice & Co., Nando Perez, and Anne Zwing.

Jim Czarnecki

Was the production manager on "Sid and Nancy," and the first assistant director on "Pee Wee's Playhouse" and numerous Saturday Night Live parody commercials. He has produced music videos for REM, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, and the B-52's. Additionally he has produced commercials for Levi's, American Express, Elizabeth Arden, and Toyota.

Geoffrey O'Conner

Is an independent producer who has worked for CBS News, ABC-TV, PBS and other international news organizations. He made the film "At the Edge of Conquest: The Journey of Chief Wai-Wai" which received an Academy Award nomination and received a "Blue Ribbon" (first prize) for ethnographic films at the American Film Festival.

Natalie Jason

Received two Emmy nominations as show producer for the Philadelphia bureau of a national infotainment show. She worked as an assistant Producer at CBS News and her projects included "Face to Face With Connie Chung", and special coverage of an overseas Presidential Summit. After two years with CBS, she became an Associate Producer on "Dateline NBC".

Kent Alterman

Developed and produced an on-air image campaign for Comedy Central featuring Stephen King, Sean Young, Timothy Leary and Mr. Bill. He produced and collaborated on print campaigns and trailers for movies including "City Slickers", "Reversal of Fortune", "Presumed Innocent", "Fatal Attraction", "Mountains of the Moon" and "Big." Kent was the Director of Daytime Programming for Lifetime Television.

Immy Humes

Producer and director of "A Little Vicious" received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Short Documentary in 1992. She was producer of "Declarations," a three hour series for PBS about what the ideals of the Declaration of Independence mean to Americans today.

David Van Taylor

Completed his first film as director/producer in 1991. "Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest", an hour-long documentary, mines the controversial heavy-metal/suicide trial for wider issues of family, culture, and denial. "Dream Deceivers" was honored with a Distinguished Achievement award from the International Documentary Association and an Emmy nomination. Mr. Van Taylor also directed a documentary about Oliver North's campaign for the Senate.

Patrick Farrelly

Devised the editorial format of The Irish Voice and edited it for five years. He has contributed articles to Vanity Fair, The village Voice, and Audubon Magazine. In New York he has co-produced a number of television documentaries and programs for RTE. He developed a five-part television series on the history of the Irish American for PBS. He was a script consultant and line producer on "Broken Harvest", a feature film shot in West Cork.

Kate O'Callaghan

Worked as a researcher/reporter for the award winning, "Week In/Week-Out" television program on RTE. She has contributed articles to the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, Audubon Magazine, The Village Voice, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Travel Holiday Magazine, and The Irish Voice newspaper. She worked as a researcher and co-producer on a number of television documentaries including the Hummingbird/BBC series "Bringing It All Back Home". She was co-scriptwriter and associate producer for "Broken Harvest".

Tom Casciato

Was the Producer/Writer/Composer of the one-hour ABC News documentary called "Fighting Leukemia" which aired on the "Turning Point" series. Mr. Casciato has won several awards for producing, directing and writing for network and public television. Some of the documentary stories he produced and wrote on PBS included "Minimum Wages: The New Economy," "Circle of Recovery," "Moyers Special Report: After the War," and "All Our Children."

Kathy Hughes

Was a producer and writer of the one-hour ABC News documentary called "Fighting Leukemia" which aired on the "Turning Point" series. She has won various awards for producing and writing for network and public television. She produced and wrote "Listening to America", a weekly series looking at issues during the election year which was on Public Affairs Television. She co-produced and co-wrote PBS documentaries including "Minimum Wages: The New Economy," and "Moyers Special Report: After the War."

Frances Alswang

Produced theater for many years in New York and Los Angeles. She produced and directed a video documentary funded by the National Endowment for the Arts titled "14th STREET-between 2nd and 3rd," which aired on WNYC, and the 90's Channel. Previously, she was the Director of Research at HBO Downtown Productions, which produced original programming for Comedy Central.


Rusty Cundieff

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cundieff is a writer, director and actor. He began performing stand-up comedy while in college in New Orleans. He then left for the West Coast to attend the University of California, while continuing to invest his talent on stage in L.A. hot-spots such as The Laugh Factory and Comedy Act Theater. There he rubbed noses with some of the best rising young talent in comedy like Robert Townsend and the Wayans brothers. He then ventured into acting roles on television, such as "Benson," HBO's "Partners in Crime," and "Days of Our Lives." The small screen led to big success, and Cundieff was hired by New Line Cinema to write the script for "House Party II." Cundieff collaborated with producer Darren Scott to write and direct the "This is Spinal Tap" spoof, "Fear of A Black Hat." His second parlay into film is the action/horror/comedy, "Tales from the Hood," which he also collaborated on with Scott.

Janeane Garofalo

Began performing stand-up comedy during her senior year at Providence College. Shortly after graduating with a degree in History and American Studies, she left Rhode Island and headed west to Los Angeles, where she made her national debut on "The Dennis Miller Show." She has appeared on FOX'S "Comic Strip Live," and "MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour", as well as HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show", on which she played the acerbic talent booker, Paula. Her other TV credits include "Saturday Night Live," where she was a member of the ensemble cast, and "The Ben Stiller Show," the Emmy-award winning series which ran on FOX. Her movie credits include "Reality Bites," "Bye Bye Love," "Cold Blooded", and "The Truth About Cats and Dogs".

Karen Duffy

Known as "Duff" on MTV where she is a primetime VJ, has been in various commercials and appeared in several films, including "Reality Bites," "The Last Action Hero," "Blank Check," and "Husbands and Wives."

Jeff Stilson

Began entertaining his native Seattle, Washington area since the moment he decided to hang up his stockbroker lackey key and give stand-up comedy a shot. His television credits include recurrent appearances on "Late Night with David Letterman," "The Tonight Show," and "Comic Strip Live." He was featured on HBO's "14th Annual Young Comedians Special." Behind the scenes, Stilson was a staff writer on Letterman and previous to TV NATION, was contributing his words of wisdom to HBO's "Dennis Miller Live," before he succumbed to the temptation, the glamour, the glitz that is, indeed, TV NATION.
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