"TV Nation is A Masterpiece... Michael Moore is the great TV satirist of the 1990's. TV Nation goes where no TV magazine has gone before." -- Marvin Kitman, "Newsday"
"A perfect '10!' Michael Moore is the Roseanne of reality TV -- yet TV Nation is funnier than television's funniest sitcom. Blunt and honest enough to report the truth, it is as compelling and provocative as it is entertaining and hilarious. Mark my words: *TV Nation will be a classic!*" -- Jeff Jarvis, "TV Guide"
"At last! News to Amuse! A newsmagazine for Lettermaniacs, Michael Moore's TV Nation greets the apocalypse of our modern times with a deadpan shrug and a keen eye for the absurdities and hypocrisies we ignore at our peril." -- Matt Roush, "USA Today"
"Like no other newsmagazine ever! More enjoyable and original than any new series on the fall schedule, it leaves you guffawing and marveling at its audacity. If you want to see the best network TV can offer these days, don't miss TV Nation." -- Hal Boedeker, "Miami Herald"
"TV Nation is that rarest of species -- a television program both funny and important." --Robert Goldberg, "Wall Street Journal"
"Fresh, cheeky, funny. It has a social conscience and an edge like a scalpel. TV Nation has more worthwhile content than most newsmagazine yet it's as amusing as "The Simpsons." Michael Moore is as dangerous as Mike Wallace -- But a whole lot Funnier!" -- Noel Holston, "Minneapolis Star Tribune"
"TV Nation is funnier than 98 per cent of the sitcoms on TV today. Tune in for some genuine howls." --Mike McDaniel, "Houston Chronicle"
"TV Nation is a mesmerizing bit of biting satire, social commentary and just plain fun. Put a video camera in Michael Moore's hands, give him access to the prime time viewers of a major network and he should be considered armed and dangerous. This is a Kamikaze '60 Minutes." -- Joshua Mamis, "New Haven Advocate"
"Refreshing... Hilarious... Michael Moore's humor remains wickedly on target. Let's hope TV Nation stays around for awhile." --John J. O'Connor, "New York Times"
"Three cheers for Michael Moore and his snappy satire, TV Nation!" -- "The Nation"
"Welcome to the mind of Michael Moore where conventional news stories take on an entirely different spin. His TV Nation takes a twisted, comical look at subjects from Pets on Prozac to Avon Ladies in the Amazon. An insurrectionary show!" -- Daniel Cerone, "LA Times"
"Fresh, clever and ironically hilarious -- pray that TV Nation makes the fall schedule!" -- Ray Loynd, "Daily Variety"
"Michael Moore is a hybrid of two Ralphs -- Kramden and Nader -- and He is blessed with brilliant comic timing. There is probably more incisive humor in one hour of TV Nation than in a season of 'Murphy Brown.'" -- Ginia Bellagante, "Time"
"TV Nation is a hilarious show -- by far the funniest newcomer of the season. Michael Moore is a genuine original." -- Ron Miller, "San Jose Mercury News"
"There is nothing quite like TV Nation on Television. It look likes something Groucho, Harpo and Karl Marx might have come up with had they ever gone on the road with Charles Kurault." -- Ginny Holbert, "San Jose Mercury News"
"Perfect" -- Jeannie Williams, "USA Today"
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