Dear Friends, Fans and CEOs -

Well, another year done - and still no "TV Nation"! Here's what the future looks like:

  1. I am currently developing a new show for Columbia Tri-Star Television. More on that later.
  2. The BBC has raised all the money for a new season (8 episodes) of "TV Nation" from networks in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and France. As soon as an American network is found (and Columbia Tri-Star gives its blessing) we'll be back on the air, possibly late summer or fall.
  3. Comedy Central is currently airing all the episodes from the NBC and Fox years (plus a few extra pieces which aired on the BBC). The ratings came in for the first week of "TV Nation" on Comedy Central and they were incredible!
  4. Hey, that book of mine, "Downsize This," made it on the New York Times best seller list for four weeks. Thanks to all who read it!
  5. I am currently editing a documentary I shot while on my book tour. Look for it later this year.

Michael Moore

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