Dear Friends,

Hello again and welcome to 1996!

To bring you up to date on "TV Nation", here's what we know:

Fox has not made a formal decision regarding the show, but their contract with us expired in December. We have been told that the door is still "slightly open" for our possible return, either as a series or a number of specials. We have yet to receive any word on either.

We have heard from other networks, both cable and broadcast, regarding their interest in "TV Nation" or a similar program. We have been meeting with them and hope to make an announcement shortly.

The BBC, ever our most enthusiastic and trustworthy ally, is still backing our projects and will be at the forefront of the struggle to bring our brand of socio/political humor back to the airwaves.

For our fans around the world, Columbia/Tri-Star International Distribution and the BBC have been securing places on the dial for "TV Nation" in over two dozen countries around the world (Brazil, New Zealand, Jordan, etc.). Global Television in Ontario is currently re-running all 17 episodes of "TV Nation" on Mondays at midnight.

Columbia/Tri-Star Television is currently negotiating with a cable network in the U.S. to also re-broadcast the two seasons of "TV Nation". This should happen sometime in the first half of this year and we'll keep you apprised.

We are also preparing for the home video release of "TV Nation" which should be available before the end of 1996.

In September, "TV Nation" won the Emmy Award for "Outstanding Informational Series." See the photo for one of the few times I've shoved myself into a tuxedo.

I want to thank everyone who wrote to Fox encouraging them to renew "TV Nation". The network received more fan mail on our show than they have had for any program in their history! Although we have yet to be picked up, believe me, those letters had a significant impact. It's rarefor these executives to hear from such a cross-section of dissatisfied Americans. The letters were a real barometer regarding the pulse of the country. All is not well in Newtville.

Thanks also to TV GUIDE (and numerous other publications) for naming "TV Nation" as one of the ten best shows of the year.

That's about it for now. Listen to Springsteen's new album! Rent "Canadian Bacon!" Stay away from those wrestling-crazy du Ponts!

Yours for a Dole-free future,
Michael Moore

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