TV NATION NEWSLETTER December 15, 1995

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to report that Fox has decided not to exercise its option to pick up "TV Nation", although they have not entirely shut the door, saying that they may change their minds and order the show at a later date. They have decided to let today's deadline pass and not to renew "TV Nation".

Unfortunately, the tens of thousands of letters (more mail than they have ever received on any show), the thousands of phone calls and faxes, the Emmy Award last September, the rallies in over 30 cities this past Tuesday, the unanimous critical acclaim, and the low-cost profitability of the show were not enough to convince the good people at Fox to bring back "TV Nation".

I cannot begin to thank all of you for your incredible, heart- felt, passionate support for our show. And I mean "our," because for the past weeks, reading all of your letters, I have truly felt like there are millions of us connected and working toward some common good. This outpouring of support has only deepened my commitment to get back on the air and continue my (our) work. I am so sorry we lost this battle, but we are nowhere near defeated as this campaign has -- trust me -- a lasting impression on the networks.

No fewer than a half dozen networks have asked to meet with us to produce another show. Even Fox has offered to take a whack at something new. That's how the business goes! Don't you love Hollywood?

In the meantime, regarding "TV Nation", you can expect two good things to come out of this: 1) Videos of the show will be released in 1996, and 2) another network will run an "encore presentation" of all 17 episodes from "TV Nation's" two seasons, probably sometime in the first half of the coming year.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Moore

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