Dear Friends,

Sorry it's been so long since I've written. Producing a weekly TV show takes up most of my mornings - and then it's off to the golf course . But I'm happy to have finally found a few moments to jot a few thoughts down.

First off, we've been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series. No, not for Infomercial Series, Information. Our big competition is Robert Stacks' "Unsolved Mysteries" and Ken Burns' "Baseball." The awards will be announced on September 9th but our category won't be televised! So there goes our chance to give the speech that motivates millions of Americans to take to the streets and lay siege to all the Starbucks!

As of now, we haven't heard from Fox about whether they'll pick up "TV Nation" after our final show on September 8. The ratings haven't been stellar, but certain age groups have been very strong so there is some hope. I'll say this - no other Fox show has received the kind of support - both from critics and fans - that "TV Nation" has. We've been sent over 200 pounds of U.S. Mail, 20,000 e-mail letters, and Crackers has received over 30,000 Corporate Crime tops on his hotline. This kind of response is phenomenal and unheard of for network TV -- especially when there is no organized campaign. Thanks to everyone, and please let Fox know how you feel.

I have to say the scariest moment I've had filming a segment for "TV Nation" was last week when I sang the Canadian National Anthem in Tiger Stadium in Detroit, Michigan. I had never sang (seriously) in front of anyone in my life. Everyone who is with me in this boat should try doing it in front of 20,000 people just once.

I have much more to tell you about the struggle we here at Dog Eat Dog Films called "TV Nation." You really have no idea what it takes to get some of this stuff on the air. Some day soon I'll tell all!

See you,
Michael Moore

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