Hello everyone!

Have you checked out our Web site for "TV Nation"? It comes to you via Sony 'cause they "own" our show (along with the BBC). It's a strange marriage but, hey we get a free web page! [Ed. note: This website is no longer active]

We are attempting to do things on "TV Nation" that are rarely seen on network television. We're back this summer - on Fox - because of the overwhelming support from our fans and critics. We received over 17,000 letters after we went off the air last summer and that response had a great deal to do with us being picked up by Fox.

Now that we are back on the tube, we want to stay on! Fox has told us that, if the ratings are decent, they'll keep us going. Our premiere show did OK and beat the other three networks in that time slot with male viewers in the 18 to 49 age group. That means a lot to Fox but they're going to take a "wait and see" attitude for the next few weeks before they decide on a pick-up.

So please tell everyone you know to watch "TV Nation". We believe there should be room for a show like this on television. Thanks to people like you we have a strong cult following, but we need to reach out and get more people in on the joke! Tell your neighbors, friends and co-workers about "TV Nation". Let your local media know what you think of the show. And don't forget to write or call Fox Broadcasting. They really do pay attention to letters and calls.

Thanks for helping us out. Let us know if you have any ideas of stories we can cover.

I've got to go now and meet with Crackers. With his instant fame has come demands for a bigger trailer, designer bottled water and his own Web page!

Michael Moore


Crackers sez: "Thanks, Philadelphia!"

Greetings, citizens!

Crackers the Corporate Crime Fighting Chicken here.

Just wanted to thank the 600 folks who showed up in Philadelphia Saturday and gave me all those great tips. I never realized the City of Brotherly Love was such a seething cauldron of corporate corruption. Among other things, I learned of mega-wealthy CEOs laying off their workers, hazardous waste companies polluting a local town, and an appliance store that reneged on a promise to give free videotapes to its customers.

But the thing that really ruffled my feathers were these complaints about bounced-check fees at the local banks. If you accidentally bounce a check in Philadelphia, they'll hit you up for almost $30. Yee-oww! That's the highest fee of it's kind in the nation. 30 big ones! And you know what? On average, it only costs a bank about $2.70 to process a bounced check (including losses from check fraud).

Now, I'm no fan of people who write hot checks. But it's a documented fact that banks go out of their way to make your checks bounce. They'll cash the largest check first to drain as much of your account as possible, so all future checks bounce. They'll also delay certain deposits just long enough so that, if you're not careful, any checks deposited during this period will also bounce. On top of this, if you deposit a bad check from someone else, you're hit with a $5 to $10 fee -- and you're the innocent victim!

My chicken sense was tingling on this issue. And then I found out that banks in America made about $3.6 billion dollars in profit in 1992 from bounced- check fees alone, according to a study by the Consumer Federation of America. That's $3.6 billion in profit! Know what "Profit" is? That's the free- spendin', yacht-buyin', party-throwin', politician-bribin', fun money. Profit! Profit! Profit! All from people who can't balance their checkbooks.

This had to stop. Especially since I, Crackers, have had my share of bouncers (hey, I may be a crime-fighting super hero, but that doesn't mean I can balance a checkbook). Philly banks, look out. You're in for a swift kick from the Chicken Leg of Justice.

Total action.

Total bird.

Check it out on the August 4th episode of "TV Nation". Keep the tips coming. So much corporate crime, so little time... I've already had 28,000 calls from across the United States.

Thanks. And remember: the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good chickens to do nothing. Same goes for humans.

Power to the poultry!

To fight Bank Fee Abuse--

Write to:
Financial Consumer Association (FCA) Organizing Project
P.O. Box 19312
Washington, D.C. 20036
or e-mail at

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