Below you will find a growing list of links to groups that are active in social change.
Greenpeace Hey, it's Greenpeace.

Sweatshop Watch This organization exists solely to educate consumers about sweatshops in order to eliminate exploitation of garment workers.

Corpwatch Corporate Watch offers great articles and resources - they call themselves the watchdog of the web

ZNET Magazine A Community of People Concerned About Social Change

Institute for Global Communications The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative sources of information as well as online access and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations.

Militia Watchdog Devoted to Monitoring Far Right Extremism in the United States.

GLAAD Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

The Sentencing Project Designed to provide resolution and information for those concerned with criminal justice and sentencing issues.

NARAL National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League


Online Journal The Online Journal is a forum for citizen involvement and activism, a voice for news media reform.

From Left Field A humorous approach to serious issues, from left field is a collection of essays, fun quizzes, and graphics. Refreshingly silly, but designed to make you think.

The Media Foundation Adbusters magazine, and runs Powershift Advocacy Agency - a cool, funny, anti-commercialism organization.

South End Press A collectively run 20-year-old publishing group of over 200 titles that nurture and inspire radical social change.

Webactive WebActive helps make the Internet an effective tool for progressive activism.

Peacefire Movement Peacefire was created to represent students' and minors' interests in the debate over freedom of speech on the Internet. Our main focus is on blocking software.

Americans for Radio Diversity The mission of Americans for Radio Diversity is to promote community- oriented commercial and public radio broadcasting. The scarce radio spectrum must include quality programming that is of, for and by the community. In order to promote local competition and local programming, we must reverse the destructive trend toward the anti-competitive, concentrated radio ownership in mega-media corporations.

FAIR Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Find out what the media isn't telling you!

Civil Rights

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union

Amnesty International Amnesty is interested solely in protection of human rights, crossing the boundaries of nations and ideologies.

Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch aims to protect the human rights of people around the world by working with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, uphold political freedom, protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice.

Global Exchange San Fransisco based non-profit organization that addresses human rights and economic justice issues.


Oregon Health Action Campaign A collective site of several regional health action groups: Campaign for Patients' Rights, Medicare and Medicaid Coalition, Health Care Equality, Mergers & Aquisitions Community Benefit Task Force, Hispanic Health Project, SPARC; Single Payer Action Reform Committee, and Oregon Health Access Project.

UHCAN Universal Healthcare Action Network, provides a national resource center and facilitates information sharing and the development of strategies for Health Care Justice.

Doctors Without Borders This organization has programs in Cuba to increase awareness of AIDS/HIV in young people aged 15 to 24 and to better water sanitation.

Labor Issues

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America UE is a national union representing some 35,000 workers in a wide variety of manufacturing, public sector and private non-profit sector jobs. UE is an independent union (not affiliated with the AFL-CIO) proud of its democratic structure and progressive policies.

In The Blue Corner "In The Blue Corner" offers up a blue collar perspective straight from the trenches of the working class. Covers a wide range of issues facing blue collar Americans in their struggle with a global economy that is increasingly hostile to the 75% of our workforce who lack a college degree. For them, the rules are changing rapidly.

NLRB The NLRB is an independent Federal agency created in 1935 to enforce the National Labor Relations Act. We conduct secret-ballot elections to determine whether employees want union representation and we investigate and remedy unfair labor practices by employers and unions.

Disgruntled Magazine "The Business Magazine for People Who Work for a Living" DISGRUNTLED is an online magazine that combines news, feature, satire and commentary about the darker side of the world of work.

The California Nurses Association (CNA) An independent labor organization and advocate for quality, accessible health care for all.

AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations. To form your own union at your workplace, you need to be in contact with the right folks. Call 1-800-848-3021 for an application that will put you in touch with them.

CAW-TCA A national Canadian union, seeking social change for all workers, in the fields of General Manufacturing, Aerospace, Airlines and everything in between.

National Whistleblower Center "The National Whistleblower Center (NWC) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that advocates civil rights/liberties by protecting the employee's right to "blow the whistle" on major issues of public importance."

Executive Paywatch "A working families' guide to monitoring and curtailing the excessive salaries, bonuses and perks in CEO compensation packages."

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Washtech A voice for workers in the high tech industry. Based in Redmond, Washington.

Progressive Populist The Progressive Populist, a newspaper that believes people are more important than corporations, premiered in November 1995. The Progressive Populist provides original reporting from the heartland of America as well as from Washington, D.C., on issues of interest to workers, small business owners and family farmers and ranchers.

Political Empowerment

People for the American Way Organizes and mobilizes Americans to fight for fairness, justice, civil rights and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. PFAW lobbies for progressive legislation and helps to build communities of activists.

Project Vote Smart A vast array of information for voters. Be informed next election day!

Public Citizen The consumer's eyes and ears in Washington. Founded by Ralph Nader to fight for safer drugs and medical devices, cleaner and safer energy sources, a cleaner environment, fair trade and a more open and democratic environment.

National Lobbyist Directory Offers state-by-state directories of lobbyists so you can understand who gets the ear of your representatives.

Anti-Defamation League


Labor Party The Labor Party is a new political party created by a sizable group of labor unions including the United Mine Workers, the Longshoremen, American Federation of Government Employees, California Nurses Association and many labor union locals.

The New Party This party advocates a "democratic revolution" to advance the cause of "social, economic, & political progress" in America. Their agenda is much in the style of the Western European socialist and labor movement -- and somewhat similar to that of the newly formed Labor Party.

Green Party This website provides information on fielding ballot initiatives, organizing local Green groups and working on local environmental issues.

Race Issues

AIM A thorough archive of information about AIM, the American Indian Movement.

NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Southern Poverty Law Center Keeps a close eye on hate groups and militias with the Militia Task Force and Klanwatch. Hate groups are listed by type and state.

Women's Empowerment

Sojourner Sojourner: The Women's Forum, is an activist, community-based, feminist newspaper. We have been publishing in the Boston area for twenty three years. An encyclopedia of women's issues- a huge resource!

Feminist Majority Foundation The Feminist Majority and The Feminist Majority Foundation are committed to empowering women and winning equality through research, the sharing of information of value to feminists everywhere, and effective action. Our work is supported by the generosity of tens of thousands of caring feminists -- women and men -- all across the USA and around the world.

NOW National Organization for Women

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