Moore Gets to 'Super Bowl' of Film Makers 1995 The Flint Journal
Ed Bradley April 26, 1995
The French that Michael Moore learned at Davison high School 25 years ago will come in handy next month at the world's most famous film festival.

Moore's Canadian Bacon has been selected for inclusion in the 48th annual Cannes International Film Festival, to run may 17 through 28.

Canadian Bacon, slated for release Sept. 22 by Gramercy Pictures, was one of 30-odd films selected for the main section of this year's festival. It has been placed in the out-of-competition "sidebar" category Un Certain Regard.

Canadian Bacon, which Moore wrote, directed and co-produced, stars Alan Alda, Rhea Perlman and the late John Candy. In the satire on U.S.-Canadian relations, a plan by the American president (Alda) to declare war on his northern neighbor results in an impromtu "attack" on Canada by a misguided Niagara Falls lawman (Candy).

From his New York office, Moore said he heard from Cannes officials who were impressed "that a film that was about politics was also very entertaining and very funny... a rare thing for them to see coming out of America."

Canadian Bacon was filmed in fall 1993. Candy died of a heart attack four months after shooting ended. Squabbles over content between Moore and the producing company, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, plus delays brought on by moore's work on his TV Nation television show, delayed the film's unveiling for months.

"With all the struggles of making this film, this is a wonderful surprise," said Moore, who came to Hollywood prominence with the 1989 made-in-Filnt documentary Roger & Me.

Cannes has been a launching pad for many artistic and commercial successes. Its major competition winner last year, Pulp Fiction, went on to a critical acclaim and multiple Academy Award nominations. John Singleton's 1991 hit, Boys N the Hood, is among the noteworthy films that debuted out-of-competition.

"This means so much to a film maker," said Moore. "It's like you've got a Harvard admission notice or made it to the Super Bowl."

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